Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

of the online store

  • Privacy policy of the online store has only informative character, that is it shall not be considered as a source of client’s obligations.
  • The Administrator of the data collected via the online store is Company MOSCA Martyna Głowacka, registered in Central Evidence and Information of Business Activity of the Republic of Poland conducted by the Minister responsible for economic affairs. Address Górna St. 8/10, flat 13, 91-080 Łódź or alternatively 18/22 Rolna St., flat 10, 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki and mailing address 18/22 Rolna St., flat 10, 97-200 Tomaszów Mazowiecki, NIP 72727339266, REGON 100669450, email:, telephone number: 516836575, further refered to as “the administrator”, and that simultainously is to be considered the seller. Contact with the administrator is possible via email or at its registered seat.
  • Personal data of the clients are processed accordingly to the Protection of the personal data bill of 10th of May 2018 (Dz.U. z 2018 roku poz. 1000), further referred to as “the protection of personal data bill) and the bill of providing services electronically of 18 of July 2002, (Dz.U. z 2017 roku poz. 1219 ze zm), the Decree of the European Parliament and The Council of European Union 2016/679 of 27th April 2016, concerning the protection of natural persons’ personal data processing and free flow of that data and abrogation of directive 95/46/EU (General Data Protection Regulation) J. EU L 119 of 04.05.2016)
  • Safety of the client’s personal data a priority for us. Therefore, we pay adequate attention to its protection. The administrator by applying special care ensures protection of interests of persons, who the data concerns and in particular ensures that the data collected is processed according to the law and in designated, lawful purposes; they also ensure, that the data will not be subjected to any further processing, that would be noncompliant with the above-mentioned purposes; substantially correct and adequate to the purposes, in which the data is processed and stored in state that allows identification op persons, who it concerns, no longer than necessary to achieve the goal of processing.
  • Purposes and period of processing and data recipients
  • In order to conclude and then implement the concluded agreement, client’s data is collected however each time the purpose, scope and recipients of the processed data results from client’s actions on the online store.
  • Personal data of the clients of the online store shall be collected and processed by the administrator in ith following purposes:
    • Conclusion and implementation of the agreement – the legal basis of processing is the necessity is its processing to conclusion of the agreement, and in the time of its implementation, including period until all redress rights expire,
    • Complaints resolution – the legal basis of processing is the necessity of its processing for a year after the term of warranty expires or after a complaint has been resolved,
    • Redress resulting from the concluded agreement – the legal basis of processing is the necessity of its processing, where the lawfully justified purpose is recovery of due payments, until final termination of the proceedings, including recovery proceedings,
    • Archiving of accounting documents until limitation periods for tax obligations expire,
    • Marketing actions of own goods using means of electronic communication, with previous clients’ consent for such actions, until the consent is revoked or until an opposition is filed, whichever occurs sooner.
  • The data shall be shared to recipients, that provide courier or postal services, to banks, in case of necessary accounting, state authorities or other legally authorized entities, and to entities that support us in our business on our behalf, in particular to providers of external systems supporting our business, accounting and legal services  and to authorized employees.
  • The administrator shall process the following clients’ data: name and surname, email, telephone number, IP address, shipping address (street, building and flat number, zip code, city and country), home address, company address, data created in the result of concluded agreement: ordered products, client’s segment, order’s worth. In case of clients, who are not considered to be consumers, the administrator shall additionally process the name of the company, taxpayer’s identification number (NIP) and REGON of the client.
  • Each person has the right of access to their data and the right to correct, remove or restriction of processing, right to allocate the data, right of objection, right to revoke the consent in any moment with no influence on legality of processing done before the consent is revoked (if the processing was based on a consent), right to file a complaint to a supervisory authority, that is to the President of Personal Data Protection Office.
  • Provision of the data is necessary for conclusion and implementation of agreements, settling of accounts, answering filed motions, resolving complaints. In other purposes, including marketing, provision of data is voluntary.
  • Cookies are used in order to observe and analyze flow on our websites, and used in marketing purposes, what ensures that our offer is customized towards the client’s needs, interesting and friendly.
  • Cookies are small text files/text information in the form of text files, sent by the server and saved on the device of the visitor of online store (ex. On hard drive of the computer, laptop or in smartphone’s memory – depending on the device used by the visitor). Specific information about cookies and their history can be found for example on
  • The administrator on the basis of art. 6 par. 1 letter f of GDPR shall process cookies in the following purposes:
  • Identification of clients’ login status
  • Saving products added to the cart
  • Saving data provided in the order form or login data
  • Customization of online store’s content to individual preferences of the client and to optimize online store usability
  • Conduct of anonymous statistics of online store use.
  • The most of available web browsers accepts saving cookies by default. Each Internet user has the ability to set the terms of use of cookies via browser settings by for example partial restriction or by disabling them. Should saving cookies be disabled, one shall be aware that this may influence online store’s usability. Specific information concerning changes in cookies settings and their removal in most popular web browsers are available on support pages for web browsers.
  • The administrator processes also anonymous exploration data related to use of the online store (IP address, domain) to generate statistics used in administration of the online store. That data is cumulative and anonymous, that is they cannot be used to identify a specific user of the online store. That data is not shared with third parties.
  • The client has the right of access to their data.
  • Every person has the right to control the processed data, that concerns them, contained in the administrator’s data collection, in particular the right to: demand its completion, actualization, correction of personal data, periodic or permanent suspension of processing or its removal if it is uncomplete, false or has been collected with violation of the law or are unnecessary for purpose, in which it has been collected.
  • Should the client give consent to process the data in marketing purposes for own products of the administrator, it shall be revoked at any time.
  • Should the administrator intend to or process client’s data in direct marketing purposes for own products, the person, who the data concerns, is also entitled to: (1) filing justified demand in writing to cease data processing due to their particular situation, (2) filing an objection to processing of their data.
  • In order to exercise the above-mentioned rights, one shall contact the administrator in writing by sending a message to administrators registered seat or via email to
  • It is possible to file a complaint to the President of the Protection of Personal Data Office.
  • The administrator uses technical and organizational means that ensure, adequate to threads and data category, protection of the processed data, in particular protects the data from its disclosure to unauthorized entities, processing with violation of the law and its change, loss and damage or destruction.

The administrator uses adequate technical means, that prevent acquisition and modification of the data by unauthorized entities sent electronically, including SSL Certificate.

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